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Borderless education, Freelancing jobs, equality in educational opportunities, right of education for women equal opportunities in job market are the main goals defined for the team of Andrew to create the platform available and accessible for everyone from anywhere they have the internet access the knowledge of using a personal computer. Now these days many people even in today's world do not have access to the simple internet and how they see lives it's something we can never imagine. as a human being all of us were born to create or make changes and do good to humanity. this is what we you might say in words but practically hands pub closed to help the  the world from staying behind the point we are standing today .we are a group of web developers and entrepreneurs with trade and economy electricity to create a platform and delivered to the society to be used but those who dream big but  can't imagine to be competing with the rest of the world for their own success. for this reason we have started teaching English Almost have no cost and free to people living in remote areas. We even have Public investments in this field for upgrading the literacy rate in remote areas some of the Volunteers have accepted the responsibility handling our platform in certain areas. we are here to end poverty and make dreams come true especially for those who think would never grow both financially and educational wise.



With more than 15 years of experience in the field of language instruction and School management

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Business no more is as sinple as it used to be a decade ago whereas in today's world having the right knowledge at the right time is what matters to reach success

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Buy - Sell - Rent - Lease

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A brand which fulfills all demands and overcomes Poverty

A New Door Rennovating U


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